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Franko B

Mark Alexander



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Kate Bush

Whole Story

Red Shoes





Afraid of Sunlight

This Strange Engine

Holidays in Eden


Erik Satie



Marilyn Manson

Eat Me Drink Me



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Michelle Sagara West

Cast in Series

The Sundered Series


Jacqueline Carey

Kushiel Series


Robin McKinley







2008 Presentation: Sources & Resources


Outline of current work and practices 2008.

Building on work started at the end of last year.


Portraits of close friends and connected persons, at emotionally specific times of their life and the gifting of intense moments. Examining the reflective dynamic of portraiture both for the viewer and the artist themselves. Are we only ever painting ourselves?


Limited pallet to just black and white or often just black to allow the viewer to develop a relationship with the intensity and the emotion of the subject, rather than influence by colour. Playing with dense unreadable works and the open transparency of others.


Concepts that I am particularly looking at are related to: seduction, intimacy, sadness. The extremes of the human experiences.

Preparatory work exploring the using black and white photography within their revelatory ability and also intense romanticism, as an under current to painted works.


Community Arts placement researching the responsibility, functionalism and capacity of art to contain complex human conditions. Art earning its existence.