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Jacques Lacan


The Ethics of Psychoanylisis

The Seminars of Jacques Lacan: Book 7


Seminar XIII : Le Sinthome



Lacan on the Unconscious:



Lacan on La Guerison (the cure): ature=related


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Luke Thurston

Re-inventing The Thing:
Essays on the Final Lacan


Parveen Adams

Art: Sublimation or Symptom


Steven Levine

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Special Thanks


Mr Wayne HalfPenny
Consultant Maxillo-Facial Surgeon


Many thanks to my collaborator and facilitator, Mr Halfpenny for his photography of my surgery in an attempt to explore my own Thing



"The Thing, insofar as it speaks,

answers our insistent prayers."




2010 Presentation: Finding The Thing



Outline of Lacanian theory of Das Ding (The Thing).


The exploration of The Thing began last year with a hollowed out hand bound book, paintings of missing people and an installation of up-turned dead roses with photographs of empty trains. This year I have approached my own Das Ding through the work and begun to explore and write on the concept of the Community Thing or :

Das Gemeinschaftsding.


Important questions have arisen as to how to fill the void of The Thing, why use art to do this if it can be done at all, the short and long term value of doing this, whether The Thing is something to be valued rather than eradicated and if so how do we manage it with the use of

Le Sinthome?


What is The Thing? Its formation, Jouissance, and its relation to the Other.


Cultural Manifestations of The Thing: "In Harry Potter's world of wizards, Lord Voldemort (Full-of-Death) is the not-to-be-named-Thing" Levine p33.


I wish to invite you to experience a moment with me, a brief taste of Das Ding.


THE LAOCOÖN : Gotthold Lessing



The Horror Of The Open Mouth


Oral Surgery October 2009


Do We Need The Thing?


Le Sinthome: A Cure for The Thing?


Management of The Thing?