Windows, 1986.



The first thought of this piece is that it a contemporary minimalist approach to an artist book dynamic. However on further engagement, our gaze is marshalled through the oddly angled openings reminiscent of the multi-plane camera, invented and used by Walt Disney to gain layered perspective in his early films; and we realise that we have been brought firmly into the artist’s memories on childhood.


Immediately the artist strikes us with the core of the work, a distant 5 year olds remembrance of negotiating windows, doors, cupboards. The concept of the tantalising something which is just out of reach. We can see them and know that something lies beyond but are unable to reach the key or gain entry.


To look through the piece we are required to crouch and are effectively reduced to the height of our childhood self and the childhood self of the artist. We find ourselves engaging not only with the piece but our surrounding environment. On turning round we see that those around view us as diminished and respond to us with a parental curiosity, “What have you found darling?”