Image & Index

Accompanying text for the painting: Catherine 2007


Educating Art

500 word limited work within the instructions of a conceptual artistic persona and lectures on

"One's Self as Another"


Sources & Resources

A brief outline of critical second year presentation on continuing working practices and current influential sources

Descriptive and Critical Assessment of Plato’s Theory of Art

Short group written exercise


The 52nd Venice Biennale

Short group written exercise


Artist Statement 2008 - 2009

Reflective overview of the work of 2008 - 2009


“They speak, and yet they say nothing: what of that?”,The Anxiety of Presence, Absence and the Human Condition In the Black Paintings of Franko B
3000 word theoretical essay

Finding The Thing

Third year presentation on the influence of Lacanian theory in my working practices

Can Art Fill The Gap?

Artist Statement 2009-2010
Reflective overview of the work of 2009 - 2010

Artist Statement  Summer 2010
Reflective overview of the work of 2010

What is Art Therapy?
500 word essay

Windows 1986
Accompanying text to 2011 Family Culture installation at Hertfordshire University.

What Are Boundaries And Containment In Art Therapy?
How Do They Relate To The Art Making Process And The Therapeutic Relationship?

4000 word essay on containment and boundaries in art therapy

MRes: Research Aims & Objectives
Initial outline of  research

PHD Proposal
In Progress


'Above All, A Gaze That
AppearsTo See Not A Third Of

What It Takes In'